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Images from MosaiCanada150

by Luc St-Amour Fine Art Photography

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Whether you prefer a traditional style, something more contemporary or just purely magical, we have the perfect image that will create an environment that is inviting, comfortable and definitely unique. Out of over 200 final painted images 20 have been selected for this 1st edition  

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Photo by zefart/iStock / Getty Images


Each image of our collection is offered as limited edition prints, with edition sizes ranging from 50-100 prints. Limited edition prints are signed by Luc St-Amour photographer and include the Mosaiculture International de Montréal official logo, then numbered and dated including a Certificate of Authenticity.

<<Limited signed editions are designed to create value for the collector by ensuring that production of the signed image is limited over time.>>  Luc St-Amour  

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Open edition prints are not limited by the number or size produced and are not numbered.

Open edition prints offer more flexibility in terms of affordability with standard and custom print sizes.

*All images are printed using the same quality archival materials as our limited edition prints.

Open edition prints above 20'' include the Mosaiculture International de Montréal official logo and are hand signed by Luc St-Amour. 


Select the perfect size for your space

By selecting the right size for your space, it will blend into your decor and still get the attention it deserves. All our images are digitally hand painted by Luc St-Amour in very high resolution, thus making the details sharp and plentiful for all the images in our collection. 


Prints - Canvas - Framing

Prints are exclusively printed on Fuji Crystal Metallic paper in order to bring each detail and color to explode and deliver maximum brilliance and saturation.

Canvas wrap are printed using the best quality canvas and laminated to protect the image from harmful UV's and dust particles entering the canvas fiber. Our canvases are side printed so that it can be displayed as one large print or a collection of images.  

Frames are a finishing touch to any image from a print to a canvas, a frame will enhance and enclose the image with finesse and style to fit any decor. 

Free Shipping USA and Canada